Weedmaps ​​becomes the first company in the cannabis space to show up at NYC’s Governors Ball

June 6, 2022

Weedmaps x Laurie Shapiro

By WM Communications Team

Weedmaps’ traveling immersive art installation, “Flowers are not a Crime,” will have its East Coast debut at The Governors Ball in New York City from June 10 - June 12, making Weedmaps the first company in the cannabis space to show up at the 11-year old festival.

Weedmaps commissioned LA-based artist, Laurie Shapiro who created the art installation with the mission of bringing people together through appreciation of nature in an immersive art installation that would help drive cultural awareness for cannabis. The interactive piece features floral images reminiscent of the cannabis plant, covering what will look like a cannabis-themed chapel that provides visitors with the feeling one would get from standing in a stained-glass chapel. “Flowers Are Not A Crime” will act as a colorful nucleus inside of Weedmaps’ footprint, connecting festival goers to the beauty of the plant, and the brand.

“This installation is distinctively tied to the cannabis plant both aesthetically and conceptually,” Shapiro said. “Visually, I use drawings of cannabis in the installation. For my drawings, I visited “Weed Without Limits x Lionboldt Farms” in Northern California and documented the cannabis plant at different stages in its development. Visiting a weed grow house was quite fascinating!” 
Additionally, the title of the installation, “Flowers are not a Crime,” was chosen to bring awareness to the fact that while cannabis continues to be legalized around the U.S. and many can profit from it, there are still over 40,000 people – disproportionately minorities – behind bars for cannabis related crimes. Together, Weedmaps and Laurie want to ensure those who visit the installation understand Weedmaps’ mission to create a transparent and inclusive cannabis economy.
Festival goers at the Governors Ball can find “Flowers are Not a Crime” between the Freeloader area and the iconic ‘Gov Ball NYC’ Letters, and can download the Weedmaps app for a chance to get free swag and more.