Four Tips To Improve the Customer Experience with WM Store

August 31, 2022

WM StoreBy WM Product Marketing Team

According to the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer Report, 88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or services — up from 80% in 2020. 

Customer expectations are higher than ever and continue to rise. WM Store includes what you need to give your customers an outstanding experience, without fear of disappointing them or losing them to a competitor. Here are 4 tips to help you stay ahead of expectations and delight your customers. 

1. Enable Discover 
Turn on Discover to

  • Unveil the discovery funnel to help understand top-of-funnel shopping intent 
  • Highlight sale items, popular flower or edibles, and more with derived carousels
  • Surface unlimited curated product carousels

In addition to improving the customer experience with Discover, we’re making managing your listing easier with details. Your listing details will now automatically appear on your WM Store page and you can share important announcements there too so your customers have all the info they need to shop your store.

2. Optimize Performance with Analytics 
Know you can stay ahead of other retailers with insights about what works for your customers and how to serve them better.

Understand how your customers are interacting with your e-commerce menu so you can understand and optimize performance. Take action with WM Store Analytics insights on:

  • Converted Cart Customer Data
  • Abandoned Cart Customer Data
  • Conversion Rate
  • Retention Rate
  • Abandoned Cart Rate
  • Acquisition Rate
  • E-commerce Funnel

3. Add a Kiosk WM Screens
Kiosks are customizable, interactive, and contactless. Place a tablet or free-standing digital display in a high-traffic area to enhance the customer experience and your store with WM Store Kiosks, powered by WM Screens. In addition to enhancing the customer experience, kiosks can improve team productivity and help generate revenue faster.

4. Deep Link
With deep linking, you can send users straight to a specific section of your e-commerce funnel, saving users the time and energy of locating a particular page themselves – significantly improving the user experience. 

For example, send a user from your website’s home page to a specific WM Store product page, and bypass the navigation from menu -> product details page. This is made possible by defining unique URL parameters for each page so that you can link to these specific pages from anywhere on your site.

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