Greenline integrates with Weedmaps to provide a more seamless menu and order experience

October 13, 2022


Weedmaps x GreenlineBy WM Product Marketing Team

Canadian point of sale (POS) company Greenline, which helps licensed cannabis retailers power their in-store operations, has partnered with Weedmaps to offer retail clients a single method to update Weedmaps menus and receive customer orders. 

The new orders integration connects the client’s Greenline POS with their Weedmaps menu, and regularly searches through the POS data to help keep menu and ordering information accurate and up-to-date. The integration runs automatically, but clients can still edit their Weedmaps menu from their POS and the Weedmaps admin panel, allowing them to customize promotions and offerings to help build loyalty.

“We are excited about this integration with Greenline and what it means for our Canadian clients,” said Eugene Lu, Product Marketing Manager for WM Integrations. “Our hope is that this integration will help cannabis retailers provide a seamless experience end to end.” 

Thanks to this new integration, orders placed through Weedmaps will automatically be sent to the client’s point of sale (POS) system for fulfillment or in-store pickup. This reduces friction for the client by removing the need to enter orders from Weedmaps manually. Additionally, customers should have a better shopping experience with status updates via text/SMS on their order.

Want to learn more? Email to get started with the Live Menu and Orders integration.