ID Verification: What it is, what it means, and how it keeps you safe

October 19, 2022

ID VerificationBy WM Product Marketing Team 

ID verification is one of the most requested and used features by Weedmaps enterprise clients. Weedmaps uses Amazon’s Rekognition Technology to drive the ID needs of our clients, which includes uploading an image of your government-issued ID card, driver’s license, or passport. Through this technology, users tend to experience fewer issues at checkout, providing a more seamless shopping experience. 

The key benefits to dispensary clients are clear: proper ID verification tools allow them to increase order fulfillment, reduce touchpoints for pick-up and delivery customers, and overall create a more seamless and frictionless experience for customers. But how does it work? 

Amazon Rekognition uses proprietary technology to identify objects, people, text, scenes, etc. The software also provides very accurate facial analysis, face comparison, and face searches. While this software is a great tool, there’s no guarantee that it will stop fake IDs from passing through validation checks. Retailers are still required to verify the validity of a customer’s ID, and follow their current processes for ID verification. 

Some customers may be concerned with uploading an image of their government ID, unsure of where it will end up. However, images are stored in encrypted cloud storage with Amazon web services, and are only accessible to Weedmaps to temporarily provide to clients. 

Have an issue with your ID getting declined? The Weedmaps customer support team has steps to help users manually upload their image. 

Weedmaps clients looking for more information on ID verification can learn more in our help center here