More ways to streamline and optimize your delivery operations

November 7, 2022

WM DispatchBy WM Product Marketing Team

Automated dynamic delivery
Running a cannabis delivery operation is already tough. Having to receive incoming orders, assign them to delivery drivers, plus creating optimized batches and routes is really rough.

That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to streamline and optimize dynamic deliveries with WM Dispatch auto-batching. WM Dispatch enables delivery operators to receive customer orders, automatically assigning them to a driver, batching to maintain efficient drop-offs, all while ensuring that routes are optimized turn by turn in real time.

Two-way anonymous calls and texts
Protecting the privacy and the security of drivers and customers is extremely important to a safe delivery experience. With this in mind, we’ve enhanced our integration with Twilio to allow for masked communications, enabling drivers and customers to send and receive calls and texts through unique, non-personal numbers without sharing their private contact details.

Automated return legs
Previously, dispatchers needed to manually create a return leg at the end of their delivery runs, or a return leg for dynamic delivery services to restock inventory.

Now, dispatchers will no longer need to manually add or reorder return legs for the end of a driver's route or restocking. Return legs will now automatically be added to the end of each route, providing greater accuracy when tracking driver mileage and reporting delivery manifests.

To see these solutions in action, or learn more about how they can help your delivery operations, login to your WM Dispatch account , or schedule a demo.