Product update: Promotions spotlight for WM Store

April 27, 2022

WM Store Update

By WM Communications Team

Weedmaps has launched a new promotions spotlight feature that lets WM Store clients display active online promotions at the top of their menu. Clients with promotions enabled on WM Store can prominently display custom promo codes to drive more online orders.

“According to Weedmaps’ 2020 Consumer Survey data, around 60 percent of consumers say they switch retailers due to better sales pricing,”said Alyx Gatti, Group Product Marketing Manager for Weedmaps. “Our promotions spotlight feature allows our clients to more easily attract and acquire price-sensitive shoppers looking for the best deals directly on their website.” 

With WM Store, clients can quickly create and edit discounts for their WM Store menu directly from their admin dashboards. Cannabis retailers and delivery operators can customize deals to fit an order, category, brand, or a single product, and monitor the success of their promotions with metrics filtered by promo code, promo code type, order value, and total redemptions.

Adding a promotions spotlight to your WM Store menu is fast and easy:

  1. Create a promo code from your Promotions Hub
  2. Click "WM Store" from the left navigation menu
  3. Navigate to the "Design" tab
  4. Scroll down to ‘Promotions’ section and check "Enable Promotions"
  5. Save changes and viola!

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