Scheduled and Express Menus Allow Retailers Greater Delivery Efficiency

October 5, 2022

By WM Product Marketing Team 

Weedmaps DeliveryIt’s a great time to be in the cannabis delivery business, but with record-breaking gas prices, coupled with creeping inflation, means retailers have to be savvier than ever when watching their bottom line. For instance, determining how many orders can be delivered at once depends on route efficiency and regulatory limits. To help with that efficiency, Weedmaps launched Scheduled Orders to help retailers grow profitably and never miss an order. 

“The new Scheduled Orders launch is aimed at helping retailers save time and gas money by organizing picking and packing times around delivery and pickup windows,” said Amanda Hagenbuch, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Weedmaps. “By working to optimize driver routes based on consumer demand, businesses can create better efficiencies around their delivery process, and in turn help save on ancillary costs like gas which continue to impact bottom lines.” 

According to Hagenbuch, the ability to schedule an order seems to have mass appeal to new and existing shoppers who want to place an order ahead of time, or outside of store hours for next-day delivery. In addition, by leveraging Scheduled Orders, retailers can experience fewer cancellations by setting their estimated average delivery and pickup arrival times, thus managing consumer expectations upfront.

In addition to the Scheduled Orders update, Weedmaps also launched Express Menus to support dynamic delivery operators in California and Michigan. This update allows dispensaries in those states more flexibility around delivery service coverage to fulfill orders in areas farther away from their home base, and have drivers stay in a region to fulfill orders for the entire day. 

With dynamic delivery, a certain amount of inventory can be carried in a driver’s vehicle even if it hasn’t been ordered yet. This way, drivers are able to receive orders as they are placed, and respond while out on a delivery run or waiting in the delivery area.

The Express Menu feature also helps retailers appeal to customers with quick service and a differentiated digital storefront. More importantly, using Scheduled Orders and Express Menus together helps retailers to never miss an order by giving shoppers the option to choose between same-day express delivery or a next-day delivery.

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