Seasonal Cannabis Shopping Trends and Improved Deals Discovery

November 16, 2022

Weedmaps Holiday ShoppingBy WM Product Marketing Team

At Weedmaps, we work with our clients in a number of ways to launch effective campaigns throughout the holiday season -- many of which revolve around customizing a unique promotional strategy to maximize overall exposure to ready-to-buy cannabis shoppers. Our platform, which offers a number of tools to help cannabis businesses meet and exceed their holiday goals, is also a treasure trove of data nearly 15 years in the making. For the 2022 holiday season, we looked at more than one million transactions on our platform during the “Golden Quarter” -- October through December 2021 -- to find targeted trends and consumer insights to help clients better inform their holiday strategy. 

The primary thing we find likely isn’t surprising: consumers seek out cannabis deals and promotions during the holiday season. For example, from Halloween through New Year’s Day, the most popular promotions used at checkout across all markets were percent (%) off and dollar ($) amount off storewide promotions. This included a ~36% increase in the average number of deal browsers on Weedmaps during the week of Thanksgiving 2021 relative to other weeks in November (“deal browsers” are users who viewed, clicked or claimed a deal through Weedmaps); with a subsequent 10% overall volume increase in deal browsers on Weedmaps during the week of Christmas compared to the prior week. 

Knowing deals are important to consumers trying to stick to their holiday shopping budget, our engineering teams have worked tirelessly to improve our deals discovery tools. The goal: highlight Deals across the platform ~20% more to ensure shoppers are able to find and access savings quickly and easily. In turn, of course, is to see improvements in the path to purchase. 
Outside of the holiday season, working with Weedmaps means you’re getting nearly 15 years of experience navigating the highly regulated cannabis industry. We also offer omni-channel solutions to help capitalize on consumer demand all year long. We are the experts when it comes to consumer trends, purchasing patterns and identifying key metrics to help cannabis retailers create actionable and strategic business plans. 

Ready to learn more? We have even more holiday consumer insights that can help cannabis businesses and brands formulate their omni-channel promotions strategy. Contact us today at to learn more, or click here to download one of our 2022 holiday sales reports for your region.