Want to work in the cannabis industry? Here are a few tips.

May 4, 2022

Working in Cannabis

By WM People Operations

Over the past two years, millions of Americans have been evaluating what they want out of their career; maybe it is a better life-work balance, more flexibility, or simply wanting a job where they feel valued and can make an impact. As the “Great Resignation” continues, a number of job seekers are looking to jump off the corporate ladder and into a new, exciting career in cannabis. 

According to a recent article from Business Insider, employment within the cannabis industry grew by 32% in 2021, growing the total employee population for the legal cannabis industry to approximately 321,000 Americans, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. 

At Weedmaps, we have seen an increased interest from job seekers applying to open positions. Thanks to a host of great benefits, including the Weedmaps From Anywhere remote work option, and a successful 2021 that included going public in June, as new roles opened up, so did the number of applicants. 

“From someone who has been part of the Talent Team from its inception, it's exciting to see the level of interest we're receiving from well qualified and relevant candidates,” said Kyle Zehner, Principal Recruiter. “We have seen a 140% increase in applications over the past year; it hasn't always been like this and it's a testament to the growing and evolving industry. Cannabis is becoming more mainstream and people from all experience levels and backgrounds want to be a part of it.”

But what does it take to work in the cannabis industry in 2022? Given the plant is still federally illegal, there are a few hurdles some job seekers may have when looking to work at Weedmaps, a similar company, or a direct plant-touching business. Here, we chat with Kyle Zehner about what to keep in mind when thinking about a career in cannabis. 

  • Q: At a high level, what are you looking for when you receive an application for an open role at Weedmaps? We are a tech company creating software to connect and power the cannabis industry. We look for self-starters, someone who likes to solve hard problems, finds comfort in ambiguity and change, thrives in a fast paced environment, and is passionate and motivated to work for a mission-driven company.    
  • Q: Does a job applicant need to know about cannabis, or the legal market to work at Weedmaps? In the U.S., cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, and while Weedmaps is cannabis adjacent -- meaning we don’t directly touch the plant -- there are still some hurdles that you may experience working in this industry. A couple of examples include traditional advertising or marketing strategies that are not permitted within the industry, and many social media platforms have taken to disabling or shadowbanning accounts for showing cannabis content. That said, one of the great things about working at Weedmaps is our focus on education and how it can help remove the stigma from cannabis. 
  • Q: Due to our industry, are there roles that are harder to find great candidates for? In our humble opinion, there is no other platform that offers all of what Weedmaps does in the cannabis industry, so we get to be creative in finding potential candidates who can hit the ground running and start contributing to the team early. We focus on finding someone who will make our team better, who brings a diverse perspective to the table, and is always looking for ways to improve systems and processes. We choose to focus on the candidate first, and then identify a role where they can succeed and thrive.      
  • Q: Any tips for someone applying to Weedmaps to stand-out? It’s always in the candidates best interest to do the work upfront. We tell all of our candidates to do research, and become familiar with our readily-available resources like Weedmaps Learn so they know the inner workings of the plant and industry at large. Then, candidates should focus on the job description, and update their resume to reflect and highlight the specific skills and experience that relate to the position.

If you are interested to learn more about a career in cannabis and see our open jobs, visit our Careers page.