Weedmaps for Business: Data-driven solutions to power the cannabis industry

August 10, 2022

Weedmaps for Business

By Justin Dean, CIO/CTO, Weedmaps

Weedmaps has officially announced Weedmaps for Business, the Company’s reconfiguration and renaming of its SaaS offerings that better reflect the comprehensive B2B and B2C suite of products. This effort has been in the making for a while, but with our acquisitions over the past year -- CannCurrent, Cannveya, Enlighten, and Sprout CRM -- integrating these products into our solution stack was the next piece of the puzzle. 

This launch is more than just an announcement of our SaaS offerings, it’s also a full-circle moment for our company. The expansion of our solution set, combined with the data we’ve acquired over 14 years in the industry, allows us to better understand and optimize our products for clients. We have been immersed in the legal cannabis industry since 2008, gathering data, trying new things, learning and iterating. With that knowledge -- and the backing of an amazing team of developers, data engineers, product specialists and product marketers -- we have come to this milestone. 

While we are calling this B2B stack “Weedmaps for Business” we are, and remain Weedmaps. Our listings marketplace informs our B2B solutions, and vice versa. We take learnings from the constant flow of data we receive from users on the marketplace, and transform that information into actionable insights, and a solution stack that I believe sets the standard in the industry.

Weedmaps for Business allows cannabis businesses and brands to control their message, targeting, and customer acquisition cycle end-to-end. Here’s a look at every stage in the customer funnel, and the Weedmaps products supporting that phase: 

  • Strategically reach prospective cannabis customers through Weedmaps’ marketplace via WM Listings, WM Deals and WM Ads, and extend that reach through WM AdSuite.
  • Compliantly manage pick-up, delivery, and inventory in accordance with local regulations through WM Orders and WM Dispatch.
  • Help improve customer experience by creating online ordering functionality on a brand or retailer’s website with WM Store and extend that functionality in-store with kiosks from WM Screens.
  • Foster customer loyalty and re-engage consumers with WM CRM and its integration with the Weedmaps marketplace.
  • Leverage the Weedmaps for Business products in conjunction with any other preferred software solutions via our third party integrations and create a scalable customized workflow with WM Connectors.
  • Make informed marketing and merchandising decisions using performance analytics and consumer and brand insights to promote products to specific consumer groups with WM Insights.

Cannabis businesses can leverage one or all of these available products depending on their needs, but companies who use the full stack typically see greater results and insights.

Case in point, California-based Jaderoom has leveraged the Weedmaps suite of tools to help enable growth from a single delivery operation to a vertically integrated brand in just under two years. According to Christopher Fenske, Chief Strategy Officer at Jaderoom, the Weedmaps solutions have helped his team create greater efficiency and insights for their business. 

“The biggest hurdle in the cannabis industry right now is connecting all the software seamlessly between your CRM, orders fulfillment, and delivery management system, yet Weedmaps took this challenge head on,” Fenske said. “We started with Weedmaps because we knew the strength of their customer base, and as I look at what we’ve been able to build in less than two years, much of the credit for our success we attribute to Weedmaps.”

As someone who has been in the tech sector since the mid-1990s, I have seen the technology tides shift dramatically more than a few times. The time we are in now -- especially in the cannabis tech space -- is still very much in its infancy. Technology continues to move forward at an exponential rate, and it’s our job at Weedmaps as engineers, product designers, and technologists to stay with the tide, to shift when necessary, to make decisions that might seem uncertain, but that will allow us the opportunity to learn, grow, and get better. 

I am proud of the products we are putting out in the market, and of the challenges our teams have overcome to get here. We are now, more than ever, a full-service technology company serving cannabis businesses of all sizes in our collective efforts to bring the legal, adult-use cannabis market to fruition.