Weedmaps collaborates with FITZ Games in the release of its new card game, “High Standards”

December 8, 2022
High Standards Card GameBy WM Communications Team 
Weedmaps has collaborated with FITZ Games in the release of its new card game named “High Standards.” Fitz Games is on a mission to build diversity and community around comedy and games, and has worked together with the Weedmaps team to create this high-minded game. Like FITZ Games’ other products, “High Standards” is designed to encourage laughs and a good time among friends, but with an extra twist - all of the content is  focused around cannabis. 
High Standards is a fast-paced card game filled with a variety of mini-games, including gamer all-time favorites such as "truth or dare" and "categories" and uniquely curated gameplay, called "Pitch The Invention" and "What's My Price?” It’s sure to be a great addition to any holiday smoke session -- it’s quick and easy to set up and can be played with three or more people. 
“If you like to kick it with friends, smoke one, and laugh, High Standards was made for you,” says Jessica Mercardo, Marketing Manager at FITZ Games. “It's not like any other weed game out there." 
High Standards is available for purchase at store.weedmaps.com