Weedmaps release: Data and Insights Report 2021 Cannabis in America

January 3, 2022


Cannabis in America

By WM Communications Team

Weedmaps has published its very first data and insights report, "Cannabis in America," providing a 360-degree view of the state of cannabis in 2021.

The first-of-its-kind report takes a comprehensive look at cannabis industry trends, the marketplace, and cultural revelations. Findings were compiled from Weedmaps order data, surveys of cannabis consumers, non-consumers, and dispensary owners, as well as social media analytics. Not only will this report foster productive conversations about the cannabis industry, it will also provide cannabis businesses with detailed insights into consumer attitudes and behavior, empowering them to make more informed business decisions.

"The insights from Weedmaps’ Cannabis in America report validate what we see every day: The stigma around cannabis is fading as it becomes more embedded in our culture and daily lives,” said Chris Beals, CEO of WM Technology. “This report highlights attitudes and trends within the industry by providing data and information directly from consumers — an important step as we work towards the goal of building a transparent and inclusive cannabis economy.”

Beals also added that, “Ultimately, this report represents the first steps of Weedmaps beginning to make its unparalleled levels of cannabis industry data available to policy makers, cannabis business holders and industry investors to help them make more informed and accurate decisions.”

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • Cannabis delivery among Generation Z consumers increased by 125% year over year, with overall cannabis delivery increasing by 97%
  • The importance of social equity in the cannabis industry is growing, with 46% of cannabis consumers saying they want to patronize women-owned cannabis retailers, and 44% would like to give business to minority- or veteran-owned cannabis establishments
  • Cannabis use is being destigmatized, and 72% of cannabis consumers say that everyone or almost everyone they know is aware that they use cannabis
  • More than one-third, 36%, of Generation Xers believe cannabis is a good way to add tax revenue

The report was featured by several publications including TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Benzinga, and more. You can access the full Weedmaps’ Cannabis in America report here.