Where to find Weedmaps’ wellness resources

June 1, 2022

Wellness and Weed

By WM Communications Team

As cannabis continues to become legal and more available across the U.S., it’s important that consumers have access to accurate educational information during their search, and Weedmaps is here to help! In addition to helping consumers find cannabis, Weedmaps also provides education around the plant and how to integrate it into their lifestyles.

No matter where they are in their cannabis journey, Weedmaps offers numerous resources for consumers looking to find the right products and brands to achieve their wellness goals.

  • Strains: Our Strains platform offers several ways to explore Weedmaps’ strains collection, allowing consumers to sort by popular strains, activity, desired effect, and flavor. If they’re looking for a hybrid strain that’ll help them ease into a relaxed mood, they can use the categories in the sidebar to narrow down their search. If they’re not sure where to start, Weedmaps’ curated lists provide the ideal strains for self-care, workouts, and more. 
  • WM News serves as an information hub for the latest in cannabis culture and news. The Sports & Wellness page houses articles about athlete-approved products, incorporating cannabis into your wellness routines, and more. 
  • WM Learn is Weedmaps’ repository for educational articles and guides about cannabis. It’s a resource for cannabis novices and connoisseurs alike. Need a comprehensive introduction to all things CBD? Wondering what your endocannabinoid system is and why it matters? It can all be found on WM Learn.