WM Ads Offers Reporting and Insights to Propel Your Business

November 17, 2022

By WM Product Marketing Team 

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, retailers and brands are looking for consumer trends to stay on top of their business needs and growth. Unlike traditional retail products, adult-use cannabis doesn’t have decades of in-depth trend data to pull from. In an effort to better understand consumer buying habits and trends, Weedmaps has launched a new Reporting and Insights capability as part of the WM Ads product. 

WM Ads

With the release of WM Ads Reporting and Insights, it is now easier than ever for cannabis businesses to stay ahead of the competition by gaining a richer understanding of the highly engaged cannabis consumers that use the Weedmaps’ marketplace. 

"We are very excited to release this to our clients because it will further deepen their understanding of the in-market cannabis consumers in their area" said Jason Spangenthal, Senior Product Manager of WM Ads. "Cannabis marketers are busy and resource-constrained; providing an easy-to-use solution at no additional cost is something we believe will be very helpful to the businesses we support."
This new solution allows advertisers to be on the cutting edge of consumer behavior and demand shifts by surfacing the most popular brands, product categories, and specific products that Weedmaps’ high-intent users engage with after being exposed to WM Ads campaigns.

Using these insights, cannabis businesses will be able to improve their ad creative and messaging with a deep comprehension of which product categories and subcategories are driving consumer demand. Moreover, retailers will be able to intelligently expand their product assortment and improve their merchandising with a holistic view of cannabis consumer trends.  

This unique offering combines the scale of the Weedmaps consumer marketplace with the power of the WM Ads offering, helping businesses not only reach and convert consumers at all stages of the shopper journey but also to generate learnings for their overall marketing strategy.

"This is just the beginning. In the short term this will help cannabis businesses with campaign planning, creative, and messaging. But there are many applications to their larger marketing and business strategies, from merchandising to product development and beyond."

Existing WM Ads advertisers can view their WM Ads Insights today by going here (must be logged  into Admin). If you are interested in learning more about WM Ads, reach out to your Weedmaps representative or fill out the form here.