WM Learn: Your Cannabis Resource Hub

July 27, 2022

Weedmaps - Learn

By WM Communications Team

As the U.S. cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, the focus on consumer education around cannabis -- especially for those who may be new to the state-legal, adult-use cannabis market -- becomes critically important.

To help with this, Weedmaps has a bevy of educational information directly accessible at WM Learn. Dubbed as “your guide to understanding the essential topics and laws related to cannabis,” the resource hub was created to offer “reliable educational resources for novice and connoisseur consumers alike.”

But how confident do cannabis consumers feel about their canna-knowledge? According to our 2021 Weedmaps Cannabis in America report, 49% of those we surveyed said they were “expert or proficient” when it comes to cannabis knowledge. Of that, 56% of respondents said they received their cannabis info from friends and family, with 28% getting their cannabis info from cannabis-related websites and apps like Weedmaps. 

Regardless of your current cannabis education level, there’s a wealth of information on WM Learn to support your cannabis journey. If you’re a beginner, info on what it feels like to be high, or how to distinguish good weed from bad is readily available. Those new to the cannabis space may also benefit from the WM Learn Dictionary which helps users understand and define the new information as they learn about the plant. 

For those who are more well-versed in cannabis culture, but ready to take a deep dive, there are articles about terpenes and cannabinoids, the compounds found in cannabis and their potential effects and flavors. In a state with legal cultivation laws? There are resources for that too, including a guide to growing weed indoors, how to choose LED lights for your home grow, and even how to buy marijuana seeds

Not sure what to look for? There’s also a solution for that. On the primary WM Learn home page, there’s an open search bar to help you find what you need (and what you didn’t know you needed). 

As a reminder, all information on WM Learn is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or legal advice. For a complete list of WM Learn resources click here